The Scientologists are Coming


The long-neglected Alexandra Hotel, straddling Roxbury and the South End at Mass Ave and Washington Street, finally found a new owner: the Church of Scientolgy. The church, looking to increase it’s Boston presence, purchased the 22,000 square foot structure for renovation

Following a South End tradition, the Alexandra fell into disrepair shortly after its construction in 1875. Owners converted the hotel into a rooming-house, then abandon the building in the early sixties. Investors battled the City of Boston and the Boston Redevelopment Authority over development issues for years before accepting an offer from the Church of Scientology. A church representative declined to discuss the sale price, but recently, the building carried a $3.5 million asking price.

The good news for us: the sale means Boston is now officially safe from Xenu’s grasps.

  • Brian

    Great, here come the crazies.

  • Julie

    yikes. there goes the neighborhood!

  • Alyk

    Well, it’s near the methadone clinic, so the block parties will be off the chain.

  • Tom Cruz

    Scientology money spends as good as any other, and what sitcom family hasn’t benefited from having wacky neighbors?

  • Kristie

    Prepare your tin-foil hats!

  • lisa

    great! Maybe they can heal all the sick people in Boston HAHAHA

  • Clint


  • Mary

    AWESOME! Now you don’t have to worry about helping people in your neighborhood, because the Scientologists will come to the rescue! I predict the methadone clinic will close tho, cause they’ll cure all the addicts!

  • jill

    Creepers. A scientologist recently came up to my boyfriend while on duty as a cop in the Back Bay inviting him to come to a seminar and classes. Him and another cop buddy may actually go dressed up as the characters in Top Gun. I’m sure he’ll end up getting smacked with an e-meter.

  • LankaKitten

    Oh sweet lord. Be careful.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is doing all it can to stop the church! We will do all wae can to stop the crazies.

  • Ron Newman

    Bad news for this neighborhood. It is exchanging one kind of blight for another.

  • Valerie Isacks

    Anonymous needs to learn how to use spell check.