Three Singles In Somerville: Houses, that is…

Leave It to Beaver HouseThough Somerville is mostly known for it’s multi-family houses and condos, there are quite a few singles in the mix. They’re not quite like the Leave it to Beaver house pictured here, but they have their own brand of charm and potential.

Here’s three that caught my eye.

For the price of a two bedroom condo in Cambridge, you could own this almost 2000 square foot single family. They just dropped the price from 550k to 530k. The exterior is a bit dated, but it’s in good shape and most of the work has already been done here. Fancy bathrooms? Check! Fancy kitchen? Check! Hardwood floors? Check! The photos of the house don’t look particularly staged, so make sure you look past the clutter. This is a great opportunity to live near the Porter Square T and two of Somerville’s most popular grammar schools, the Brown and the Kennedy.

Then we’ll go a bit South to this lovely single over on Dane Street. It’s listed as a single, but with five Bedrooms and four baths, I’m wondering if it has been a multi family at some point. Somerville is not known for those more-bathrooms-than-occupant McMansions frequently found in the ‘burbs. It’s listed at 575k and it’s been on the market for over three months, so they may be willing to make a deal. Dane Street is a meandering street that runs from Washington Street next to the newly renovated Perry Park and ends up by the Market Basket side driveway on Somerville Ave. It’s part of that neighborhood that is an easy walk to Harvard, Union and Inman Squares.

And lastly for 549k there is this house at 205 Beacon Street, right across the street from the Academy of Arts and Sciences. According to the listing, the house is in “need of complete renovations.” But if you’re in the market for a fix-er-upper right outside of Harvard Square, this could be the house. You’ve probably noticed it if you’ve driven down Beacon Street in the last few years. They have full sized Greek Statues, festooned with garlands in the yard. And you’re never quite sure if they are being ironic or not. But the yard is HUGE, an estate by Somerville standards. You could literally build another house there if you wanted to. There is a real driveway on Ivaloo Street with a garage. I’ve seen a couple open houses in the last three or four months it’s been on the market. They seem to be doing a very low key marketing campaign with no for sale sign.