Been there: Saw That


I’ve lived in Somerville ten years now, and many of my friends have passed through here during that time. Some have left for the bucolic pastures of Arlington, Littleton and and Lexington (basically places that end in “ton”). A lot of them are still here.

But I was still surprised to look at the listings today and find three units for sale that in buildings that I’ve actually either lived in or hung out in. All these places are between 315 and 345k and would be great starter homes for first time home buyers.

First of all we have unit 7 Vinal Ave #3 (pictured on this page) a two bedroom 1 bath listed at 345k. This building was gut-rehabbed in 2003 and the construction was really solid. But it has 2 things that aren’t mentioned in the listing. First, it looks right over Nunziato Field, a huge green public park. The unit is bright and sunny, and the cross breezes flow in the summer. I’ve been in there on a 90 degree day and it was really comfortable with the windows open. And it has a really cool yard.

Next we have unit 4 at 91 Summer street, a two bedroom two bath unit listed at 319k. This is a great building, and I’ve been in this unit as well. It’s not huge, but it makes great use of the existing space. It doesn’t mention it in the listing, but I recall it had a working fireplace back in the ‘day (meaning the ’90′s). Looks like they’ve upgraded the kitchen too with granite and schmancy appliances.

And lastly, we have a building that I’ve been in, but not in this unit. The Grandview is a huge victorian that sits right next to Prospect Hill Park where the teeny tiny castle is. My friends had a fabulous view of Somerville and Boston from their basement apartment. So, I can only imagine what the view would be like from an upper level unit. Plus it abuts the park, so you’re seeing a lot of green right in the city. I’ve never been in this particular 2 bedroom one bath unit at 82 Monroe Street that’s listed for 325k but it looks completely charming– Gorgeous woodwork and exposed brick combined with modern conveniences. Even the common areas have the Victorian details that you won’t find in a newer building.

There’s some really good stuff out there this month. Really, I know what I’m talking about!