Hitting the Links


  • Isn’t this too important for the T’s involvement? [Boston.com]
  • The more I read Boston Real Estate Blog, the more I like John Keith. He’s never afraid to speak his mind. [Boston Real Estate Blog]
  • Breaking News: most second homes are condos. [Condo Domain]
  • Channel 7 probably won’t be giving us in-depth coverage of the story, but I wish they would. [Boston Magazine]
  • Redfin’s CEO Glenn Kelman tells us what’s moving in Boston. [Redfin]
  • Tiny apartments can be beautiful. [Small Space Living]
  • How different would our cityscapes be with a few mile-high buildings? [Wired]
  • Kristie

    Thanks for the Small Space Living link!

  • http://boston.redfin.com/blog/2008/04/columbus_avenue_at_dartmouth_street.html Alyk

    Thanks for visiting, Kristie.

    I’ve been Linking to Small Space living because we have tons of people all over the city who live in tiny spaces.