Snubbed by the Globe, Hobbled by Dorchester

foreclosuresUnreal, people. Simply unreal.  The Globe RE Blog wrote an article about real estate haiku. Wow, what a clever and innovative idea! Too bad someone in Boston didn’t come up with that sooner. Ah, well. I suppose it’s what you get for calling them out, but let it be known, I’m not the only one to take umbrage with their material.

So while the Globe has taken it upon themselves to reduce my traffic, I am in turn going to talk about price reductions. After all, word on the street is that the mortgage vampires at Bank of America are raising their mortgage downpayments, even for buyers with perfect credit, because “Suffolk County is an area that’s in decline”; thanks a lot, Dorchester.

1 Charles St. #402 – $875,000
1 Bed, 1.5 Bath, 837 sq. ft.
Now, honestly, would you expect to pay anything less than a million dollars for that address? Yes, I know, the view doesn’t overlook the Common, but the flip side of that coin is that you’ve got the 270 square foot private terrace with a cozy, intimate feel. 270 square feet! I’ve lived in whole apartments that weren’t that big.

334 Beacon St, #CH – $525,000
2 Bed, 1 Bath, 800 sq. ft.
“#CH?” Yeah, that stands for “cottage house”. It’s kinda like a converted garage: a single-story, ground level house. But don’t let that throw you off – it’s got all the trappings and comfort of any other Back Bay home, without the enormous price tag. There are even river views, and if the spacious patio isn’t enough room, you’ve got the entire Charles River Esplinade as a back yard.

29 Fayette St #2-2 – $369,000
1 Bed, 1 Bath, 435 sq. ft.
Ok, I know – not in Back Bay or Beacon Hill. But with largely Federal style architecture built on some of the oldest “made land” in the city, it’s not hard to argue that Bay Village is a hybrid of the two better-known neighborhoods. And the houses are so cool! At $850 a square foot, I still might lay off this one-bed for a bit, but the unique building, clean, sunny layout, and quiet, quirky neighborhood make it well worth a look.

Image: Hendry Street Foreclosures. From Civic Boston.

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