The Suburbs Often Taunt, but Somerville is Home

springfarm.jpgI took up a friend’s offer take the kids to Codman Farm in Lincoln for the morning. Codman Farm is a family-friendly farm full of animals and gardens. They even have a little self-serve store on the grounds selling local meat. After some playtime on the farm, we visited our favorite park at Lincoln Elementary school.

Only ten miles from Somerville, Lincoln’s bucolic landscape and quaint New England charm make it seem much farther from the city.

Sometimes I yearn for the nature of Lincoln and the fishing villages of the North Shore. I love the open spaces and grassy fields. That beautiful day, I briefly thought it would be neat to live in a place like that. And the hippie-foodie in me thinks I would enjoy raising my own chickens, however

An older couple we met at the park brought me back to reality. They abandoned the quiet of Lincoln for a life more convenient. “Four miles to EVERYTHING” she warned. “You need cough syrup, four miles there and four miles back. It gets old really quick.”

I agree. If I need milk or eggs, I walk three minutes to Star Market and the whole trip takes 15 minutes, even with a line. On my walk to work in Harvard Square, I can drop my kids at day-care. Life without driving four miles for basic necessities is unbeatable.

We don’t have Codman Farm in Somerville, but ten really cool playgrounds sit within walk distance. The journey to your destination is part of the kids’ fun. They get to look at blooming flowers, earth moving equipment, construction sites, fire trucks, trains, and all sorts of stuff.

Here are a few places around Somerville that involve more exploring and less car-seat:

57 Chandler Street
Beds: 4/Baths: 2
SQ.FT.: 3484

It’s one of the most fabulous listings in the Somerville, right in Davis Square. I drooled over that kitchen.

16 Freemont
Beds: 3/Baths:2
SQ.FT.: 1612

It’s a couple of blocks from Ball Square, home of the Somerville Breakfast Wars. This Mansard-topped Victorian (you know, the Dracula-style roof!) is a diamond in the rough, but the bones are there to create a spectacular home.

88 Ossipee Road
Beds: 4/Baths:2.5
SQ.FT.: 3484

In West Somerville, not far from Tufts University, we have a fully renovated single-family house. The unassuming exterior hides a glorious interior with a new, light filled kitchen and beautiful woodwork. Try getting that in Lincoln for under $1.5 million!

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