Cycling 127 (It’s a Course, Not a Class)

I rode my bike around Boston once or twice, and I can see the appeal — it’s kind of like playing Halo, except when you get wasted by some jerk in a Ford, it’s permanent. Once or twice was enough.Between Beverly and Gloucester is one of the most beautiful rides I’ve ever seen. If you start at Dane Street Beach and follow 127 North, you wind up the coast, you get to enjoy some gorgeous ocean views and salt air, with minimal molestation by gas-slurping maniacs. In fact, it’s rare that I have to kick out of my pedals more than once or twice in the 12-odd miles to Gloucester.Best of all, you exhaust-sucking bus pucks can ride the train to Beverly and bike north. Or carb load at Sugar Magnolia in Goucester, ride down to Beverly, and take the train home.Need repairs on the go? Try Harborside Cycle — open every day but Monday. You’ll find them way more reasonable than the shops you’re used to, and they’re some nice people.The logo belongs to Harborside; I have to see if I can get a T shirt….