Hitting the Links

  • Museum of Bad ArtThe Museum of Bad Art is expanding. [Metaboston]
  • Boston drivers are terrible; Boston cyclists are suicidal. [Bostonist]
  • I can’t say it any better than John Keith: “Best neighborhood in America gets even better.” [Boston Real Estate Blog]
  • The State wants to take a billion dollars from Harvard. I didn’t know Harvard even had that kind of cash. [Brighton Centered]
  • This is nice… Some guy who won a home makeover from Extreme Home Makeover put the home on up for sale. The family couldn’t afford to care for the home after they blew through the donated expense fund. [The Real Estate Bloggers]
  • I drive a mile out of my way (in traffic!) to avoid awkward eye contact with these panhandlers. [Boston Globe]
  • The FCC fined a Dorchester pirate-radio operator $17K. Thank God the FCC is watching out for us. [Universal Hub]
  • Garage Condos? They’re bigger than my apartment. [condoDomain]
  • Let Daily Candy guide your weekend. [Daily Candy]

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  • Donald Dash

    Is the Museum of Bad Art any good? I don’t know if could spend an entire afternoon enjoying things ironically.

    As, I think people seeking donations for environmental causes are worse than pan handlers by far. At least the homeless don’t request your credit card information and expect you to subscribe to their newsletter.