Hitting the Links

  • Spectacular views from 45 Province. [condoDomain]
  • The latest pics of the W Hotel in (or near) Chinatown. Maybe it’s the Theatre District. [The Chinatown Blog]
  • Mall Cop filming at the South Shore Plaza. [The Beantown Bloggery]
  • Maybe this guy needs to find a supermarket where the baggers remember his odd preferences. I can’t imagine the indignity and he must suffer. [Suldog]
  • Fill your head with more economic statistics. This time, it’s the decreasing purchase price to rent ratio. [boston.com]
  • The Apple Store on Boylston Street opens this week. [Boston Daily]
  • The latest on the federal bailout of irresponsible home buyers. [Inman News]
  • Are foreclosures increasing the spread of West Nile Virus? [The Real Estate Bloggers]
  • Boston bicyclists fight back. [Universal Hub]

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