In And Around Allston Village


Allston Village is one of the quirkier neighborhood centers around Boston. You can drop into the Chinese pharmacy for Chinese herbs or an acupuncture session. Near by, you can buy African masks and incense at the Ritual Arts gift shop.  Within a few square blocks, there are restaurants from every part of the world — Malaysia, Korea, Latin America, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Colombia, Italy and Brazil, to name a few. (There’s even a churrascaria — that is, Brazilian barbeque). Want to get active? You can tap dance, or learn martial arts ballet , pilates or yoga. There’s a tea spa, a vegetarian restaurant, Korean and Brazilian bakeries, a Russian market, several music studios as well as clubs and pubs featuring live music. Hankering for a new tattoo? Allston has got at least two places to get tattoos and piercings.

 In fact, the offbeat, somewhat artistic character of this neighborhood — largely made up of students, artists and immigrants — aptly reflects the neighborhood’s namesake, that is, poet and painter Washington Allston. And in an age where neighborhood centers are increasingly made up of bland franchised cell phone stores and chain restaurants, Allston Village is truly a funky, fantastic gem. Housing prices in this part of town are still relatively cheap. The neighborhood is connected to central Boston by the Green Line and a network of busses running over to Cambridge. Allston Village is also just a 15-minute walk from Coolidge Corner. The down side of all this funky flavor is a preponderance of the under 21 set, which reduces the number of neighborhood residents who are in Allston for the long term and who feel invested in the neigborhood. Nevertheless, Allston Village has made some dramatic improvements in recent years and is poised to become the new funky destination now that Havard Square has gone corporate. 

21 Park Vale Ave, #8, $259K
SQ.FT: 780

5 Spofford Rd, #7, $260K
SQ. FT: 1046

69 Quint Ave,#11, $210K
SQ. FT: 522

43 Glenville Ave,#12, $295K
SQ. FT: 667

29 Brainerd Rd, #106, $269K
SQ. FT: 704