Living Next to A Dorm

2000 Commonwealth AvenueThe rumor is Boston College wants to buy 2000 Commonwealth Avenue. You know, the Archstone apartment building that towers above the Chestnut Hill Reservoir like a gawky adolescent girl at the junior prom.

It’s not pretty, but apparently Boston College thinks the 16-story behemoth would make a nifty dorm. Unconfirmed reports state the university might fork over $68 million for a building students are sure to love. The amenities are amazing: a pool, a sun deck, a sports club, a garage. Each unit has a private terrace, and some have city views. I don’t know how much studying could go on in a place like that.

Though it may be great for students, I’m not sure how residents at nearby 1999 Commonwealth, 2003 Commonwealth, or 1992 Commonwealth would feel about living next to a dorm. Even worse those who bought in the expensive and newly-renovated building at 2025 Commonwealth.

Maybe it won’t so bad if you’re up for a keg and a midnight pizza run. On the other hand, maybe concentrating students in their luxury dorm will free up more apartments in the neighborhood for young professionals whose keg-party days are over.

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