Historic Peace Accord Struck—in Beacon Hill.

Non-expansion zoneNo, it wasn’t in the Middle East, but it did involve Boston’s last remaining immigrant-era shul. It seems the long-standing beef between the people of Beacon Hill and Suffolk University has finally been stomped, or at least temporarily squashed.

The deal was thus: Suffolk University agreed to a far reaching “non-expansion zone” covering nearly all of the Beacon Hill neighborhood, and also the disputed “Bowdoin Strip” between Bowdoin St. and Tremont St.

The school also said it would limit enrollment to 5,000 students for the next decade, which, in conjunction with a new 12-story dormitory relocating undergrads from the rathole apts scattered across the Hill, should collectively reduce blood-pressures in the region by several millimeters of mercury.

In return, the people of Beacon Hill signed off of a series of existing expansion plans, none of which are in the Beacon Hill architectural district, and most of which are entirely non-residential and surrounded by similarly-sized buildings.

Though the Esplanade behind the Flat of the Hill remains unprotected, it’s located some distance from the rest of the University, and seems an unlikely candidate for new facilities. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for residents, but I bet the Beacon Hill Times will still find a way to complain.

41 Revere Street
Beacon Hill, MA 02114

1 Bed, 1 Bath
310 sq. ft.
A FSBO! No pictures, but no complaints—I found it on Craigslist, too. Definitely the sort of place that will look much better with the Suffolk students absorbed into a new dining hall.

23 Brimmer Street #3
Beacon Hill, MA 02114

2 Beds, 2 Baths
1,050 sq. ft.
Now this is a gorgeous photoset, but brownstones generally aren’t made out of brick. Use that, and the possible-if-unlikely threat of Suffolk builing a dorm that blocks out your river view to talk these guys down.

12 Walnut Street #3
Beacon Hill, MA 02114

1 bed, 1 bath
966 sq. ft.
I can see, back when expansion was looming everywhere, paying a mere $700 a square foot a block from the State House. But now? I smell bid war.

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