Hitting the Links

  • Have your locally grown, organic food delivered to your home. [Bostonist]
  • Speaking of locally grown, it’s Massachusetts Farmer’s Market Week. Go buy some fresh produce and support local businesses. [BostonZest]
  • It turns out I’m not the only one who doesn’t like smelly neighbors. [The Real Estate Bloggers]
  • I didn’t even know the Boston Renaissance School building was for sale. [John A Keith]
  • I love the rebirth of Dorchester. New houses, new restaurants… [Lower Dot]
  • Donald Trump is selfless, but only when the press is around. [CelebWarship]
  • $650 a month in Boston? I don’t buy it. [Craig's List]
  • Another odd rental listing that sounds too good to be true, which means it might be a scam. [Craig's List]
  • More on the Macallen Building and Court Square Press. [Boston Condos]
  • What is a decent expiration date for a purchase offer? [Boston Real Estate Now]
  • I can’t hide my love of rapid transit (not to be confused with mass transit.) I’d support a rail line under Beacon Street or Storrow Drive. Perhaps we could extend the Blue Line to Kenmore Square. [Universal Hub]

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