And You Thought Politics was Boring

3da3cdbe-9165-49d7-865e-1e1064043e23.jpgThere’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned political battle, is there? Boston area politics rival Chicago’s for corruption, gossip, and convolution, and the excitement isn’t limited merely to Suffolk County.

Take the dust-up over the state rep seat for the 34th Middlesex District, which includes parts of Somerville and Medford. Incumbent Carl Sciortino had the backing of some important Democrats, and brought a fresh, new outlook to the somewhat conservative (by Massachusetts standards) politics of the 34th.

But as this is a democracy, Somerville Alderman Bob Trane gathered the necessary papers to challenge Sciortino in this fall’s election. Running on a campaign free of lobbyists and special interests, Trane would have been a great opponent for Scioritino on this year’s ballot.

Problem was, Sciortino never made this year’s ballot because some critical paperwork went missing. Some say clerical error, others say foul play, but Sciortino and his most fervent supporters nevertheless mounted a write-in campaign that led him to narrow victory earlier this week.

Bob Trane has been gracious in the wake of his defeat at the hands of the Progressive Democrat “machine”, but he still isn’t done fighting—he’s now taking legal issue with a Somerville Journal editorial cartoon that accused him of sabotaging Sciortino’s paperwork, casting him in the same light as John Buonomo, the Middlesex County Register of Probate who was caught stealing from his own office.

Confused yet? If not, the hills and tree-lined streets around Somerville City Hall might just be the perfect launch pad for your foray into the city’s weird political world.

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