Welcome to Townieville, Population: You

Adams ST.pngTime was, living in Somerville required an excuse. Something along the lines of “we wanted to buy, but couldn’t get the space we wanted anywhere else” or “I just love Inman, so why pay more for the Cambridge side?”

Not so, these days, where from Davis to Union Square, the only thing changing at the town line is the color of the street signs.

Of course, there’s still those other parts of Somerville; you know far from the T and the yuppies and the Starbucks. I hear you might run into someone who works in an auto shop, or maybe even who doesn’t speak English! And even the mayoral candidates are involved in the drug trade. Better add hours a week and hundreds of dollars a year onto your commute to be further from the places you visit every day.

Returning to reality, these “bad” things are only as scary as you make them. Fact of the matter is, in “Townie” Somerville, gorgeously refurbished Victorians (see right, from Adams Street) are selling well and for entirely reasonable prices. Surrounded by funky little business like Daniel Maher Stained Glass and True Grounds coffee house, these places are steals, and just a ten minute cab ride from downtown Boston.

And if you really can’t bear to be without the T, keep in mind, the Green Line will be arriving in just a few more years. If you think these prices will be this low after rapid transit service arrives, I’ve got some property out in Stockton, CA, that might be more interested in.

10 Roberts St #20
Somerville, MA 02145

1 bed, 1 bath
387 sq. ft.

55 Vernon St #3
Somerville, MA 02145

2 beds, 2.5 baths
2,400 Sq. Ft.

8 Montrose Ct
Somerville, MA 02145

3 beds, 1 bath
1,044 sq. ft.

Prices Hold Steady while People Still Buy

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