The New Sweet Digs

Dear Boston Sweet Digs Readers, As part of changes already announced two weeks ago, Redfin is changing up Sweet Digs to focus the format on proprietary, leading-edge indicators of what is happening to home prices in Boston. We had initially tried to provide a personal review of individual homes for sale in the area, but… Read More

What’s New In Brookline

What’s new in Brookline? Well, if you haven’t kept track, there have been a few culinary changes afoot in Washington Square in the last few months, including the opening of a new Rod Dee Thai restaurant, the Tamarind Bay  dedicated to Indian food served in a sophisticated setting, and Roadhouse, which moved Texas barbecue into Vinny Testa’s… Read More

Life on the Street

Taking advantage of the sunshine and warm weather, I spent much of Columbus Day weekend out on the streets, which got me thinking about sidewalks. Architecture and urban planning critic Jane Jacobs observed back in the 1960s that sidewalks are about a whole lot more than getting to or from somewhere. In the best circumstances,… Read More