Best Place for Boston Singles: Beacon Hill

2697542634_d08104d7d9.jpgWould you have imagined that Boston is the 7th best city for singles in America? Yes, even with our miserable winters and lack of romantic outlooks (unless you count the Green Monster), apparently this is a great place for people to find love. Or at least a better place than, say, Indianapolis or New York City.

While I don’t much see the appeal of trying to meet that special someone by screaming in each other’s ears over “Shipping Up To Boston” at some underlit, overpriced Faneuil Hall hole in the wall, but once you’ve got someone who’s piqued your interest, the Hub does have some decent places for real dates.

And personally, I think the best place for heading out to these events—or for stopping in for coffee afterward—is in Beacon Hill. All four T lines at your doorstep, the Common in your backyard, all manner of historic site within a few minutes’ walk, not to mention a few bars…what more could you ask for, oh single Bostonian?

60 Myrtle St #10
Beacon Hill, MA 02114

2 beds, 1 bath
510 sq. ft.

145 Pinckney St #204
Beacon Hill, MA 02114

1 beds, 1 bath
625 sq. ft.

26 Mt Vernon St #4R
Beacon Hill, MA 02108

1 bed, 1 bath
546 sq. ft.

Don’t Quote Me on This, but…

Boston Sweet Digs Home

Photo: flickr user boston wedding photographer lisa rigby under cc-by-nd-2.0

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    “I’d rather be skin diving.” Ha!

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    Those feet are a prehistoric science experiment Bill…