Join the Obama (parking) Ticket in Winter Hill

2238969281_b75876fbc3.jpgIf you read the Somerville papers, or watch Fox25, you’ll know that during his law school days, Barack Obama called the Winter Hill section of town his home. Not that the neighborhood has a prestige that future presidential candidates find irresistible; quite the opposite, a young Obama lived there because it was—and still is—very cheap.

I’d like to say the place is a bargain for the money, but with the closure of the Broadway Star Market there last year, there’s just not a whole lot to do in the neighborhood. People try to find stuff to do, but other than some decent pizza, stained glass, and massive-portion-size Italian, there’s just not that much out there.

Winter Hill does have some great views of the city (and of Everett and Chelsea, in the other direction), but it’s an evil tease view—Obama left Somerville with $400 of unpaid parking tickets due to his car-dependence. City officials say the bus connections weren’t as good back then, but let me tell you: they aren’t great now, either.

In a way, the attitude of the current occupant of Obama’s old apartment sums up the most visible aspect of the neighborhood: it’s a great place to be left alone. Quiet, but close to the city; not bursting with creature comforts, but not skid row, either. The old Victorians and Queen Anne style homes are gorgeous, and come with plots of grass larger than what you might expect to find just over two miles from the Garden.

166 Sycamore St #2
Somerville, MA 02145

4 beds, 2 baths
2,287 sq. ft.

31 Adams St #3
Somerville, MA 02145

2 beds, 1 bath
1,074 sq. ft.

22 Dartmouth St #1
Somerville, MA 02145

3 beds, 2 baths
1,344 sq. f.t

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  • JOC

    In the interest of full disclosure, shouldn’t there be a footnote that you live in winter hill?