Sellers Are More Willing To Negotiate After Inspections

Over the last few weeks, our buyers have had a lot of success getting sellers to resolve issues with a home or give a credit, especially with single-family homes in towns between 128 and I-495. Adam Welling, Redfin’s rock-star agent who covers this area, says:

Right now, sellers are concerned about losing a buyer and having their home sit until the spring. They’re much more receptive to post-inspection requests than they were a few months ago.

Tips for Buyers

Here are some tips from Adam for how to approach post-inspection negotiations:

  • Be realistic: Don’t expect a seller to renovate the whole home.
  • Remember, safety first: Ask the seller to fix anything related to the safety of the home, deal with cosmetic issues second.
  • Know your deal breakers: Before you ask for repairs, figure out what must be fixed and be prepared to walk if they aren’t.

Are you seeing the same thing?