Five Redfin Agents Rank in the Top 10 Boston Area Buyers Agents

Five Redfin local agents ranked in the top ten of the 6,777 buyers agents in Eastern Massachusetts that closed deals in the second quarter of 2011.

We pulled these numbers from MLSPIN, the database for real estate transactions and listings for Massachusetts, and ranked agents who represented home-buyers of single-family homes, condominiums and multi-family buildings in April, May & June 2011 based first on number of deals, then by total dollar amount.

Rank Agent Brokerage # of Deals Total Sales Customer Rating
(3-month average)
1 Hans Brings Coldwell Banker 28 $12,209,800 N/A
2 Risa Bell Redfin 17 $7,888,101 4.47 stars
3 Hannah Driscoll Redfin 12 $7,403,900 4.58 stars
4 Adam Welling Redfin 11 $7,302,500 4.36 stars
5 Ryan Wilson ZipRealty, Inc. 10 $4,589,950 N/A
6 Charles Vallis Redfin 10 $4,423,140 4.94 stars
7 Matthew Zborezny Redfin 10 $4,233,500 4.30 stars
8 Robin Gilman RE/MAX 10 $3,114,050 N/A
9 Karen Landry RE/MAX 10 $3,029,600 N/A
10 Kieran Brosnan Brosnan Realty Group 10 $2,320,800 N/A

Eleven more of our Boston-area agents closed deals in the past three months:

Rank Agent Brokerage # of Deals Total Sales Customer Rating
(3-month average)
17 Nancy Roos Redfin 8 $4,043,000 3.96 stars
18 Margie Lundgren Redfin 8 $3,482,752 4.72 stars
56 Shawn Flynn Redfin 6 $2,882,000 4.89 stars
59 Dennis McClosky Redfin 6 $2,620,017 4.78 stars
110 Sean Valiton Redfin 5 $2,439,500 N/A
243 Regina O’Brien Redfin 4 $1,743,000 4.80 stars
433 Holly Ritchie Redfin 3 $2,559,315 4.58 stars
490 Kerri Lynch Uribe Redfin 3 $1,709,000 N/A
603 Nancy Schiff Redfin 3 $1,100,000 4.88 stars
1,362 Harry Silverstein Redfin 2 $808,900 5.00 stars
4,432 J. Nicolas Uribe Redfin 1 $300,000 4.20 stars

When you work with Redfin, you get great customer service while working with some of the most successful and active agents in the region.

Most agents spend around 80% of their time finding new clients, but Redfin agents don’t need to prospect since folks come to us on As a result, Redfin agents can spend all their time serving clients: answering questions, hosting home tours, writing and negotiating offers, and listing homes. Redfin agents are experts in today’s market because they spend more of their time serving clients, not making sales calls.

Our Clients Love Our Service

We survey every client and track every transaction in a central customer database. For the surveys we received in the past three months from our clients in Eastern Massachusetts:

  • 206 clients responded to our customer-satisfaction survey and posted a review online
  • 199 of those clients, or 93%, would recommend Redfin to a friend

In these surveys, Redfin asks customers to rate the likelihood that they would recommend Redfin to a friend on a 0-to-10 scale. Customers who rated 6 or higher count as people who would recommend Redfin to a friend. To learn more about how we survey our clients and calculate the customer ratings, check out our FAQ on agent reviews.

*These numbers do not include deals never listed on the MLS