Exiting on The Left

They say Oak Park is so progressive “even the exits are on the left”. And this is indeed true. I know of nowhere else in the Chicago Metro Area that exits via a left lane. And I also don’t know anywhere on earth that feels so very much like a 1960’s social experiment in diversity that worked so well they just kept it going.


Let me state for the record that I am far from impartial. How can you NOT love a town that has dancing librarians in their 4th of July Parade? That gave the world the controversial likes of Ernest Hemingway, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mamah Cheney, AND Kathy Griffin? A town that, when the library opens at noon on a Sunday, the lobby is literally packed full with people waiting to get in – and they are of every age, race, and orientation? A town where you can take an eco-friendly rickshaw (powered by an actual human) to get anywhere you feel like going? A town where on top of everything else, the architecture and the lush gardens surrounding it all just constantly knocks you out?

One of my favorite Oak Park streets for architecture and gardens is Euclid Avenue in the Historic District. And speaking of Mamah Cheney and Euclid Avenue, this week you can view the ‘Award-Winning Gardens of Cheney Mansion’ at 220 N. Euclid, Oak Park. Call (708) 383-2612 for details.

And while you’re in that tony part of town anyway, check out some of these homes too. Who knows – you might end up choosing an Oak Park mansion to call your very own:

Price: $1,495,000
BATHS: 3.2

Price: $2,100,000
BATHS: 5.1
SQ. FT.: 5,100
$/SQ. FT.: $412

Price: $1,649,000
BATHS: 3.2

  • Greg

    Can you please correct the link in this article to the other two property listings? They all point to the Kenilworth Avenue listing.

  • Dan S.

    Nice summary. I want to check Oak Park out.

  • Elisa

    Great article! Oh! I miss Chicago!

  • tiffany

    I love oak park! I am hoping it continues to be the first suburb west of chicago “little secret”. The town/village has two bars (that I know of) and every time i peak in they are deserted…no urine on the lawns (take that wrigley ville). what I love most is the sense of neighborhood pride. Residents take care of their lawns, even those that choose to go prairie el natural have this sense of intense pride. So if you vote Republican, have an issue with mixed marriages, unitarianism (6 churches last I counted) or gay unions don’t bother moving here you will be a part of Oak Parks shrinking right minority.