In case you missed it over on the corporate blog, Redfin has just launched our Android app!

(And there was much rejoicing.)

Android fans have been very, very vocal about wanting their own Redfin app, and thanks to the hard work of a crack team of engineers, the day has arrived.

Go find out more! Go! Go you crazy kids! Be free!

Photo courtesy Stéfan via Flickr.

  • Mark M.

    Where is your wonderful regular monthly article on the Chicago Case-Shiller data & report?  It is the primary reason I recommend RedFin to so many people…good and insightful analysis of what is really going on in real estate!  Usually, your post on the Chicago Case-Shiller data comes out late the day of their release, or early the next.  Hopefully, not 'on vacation' for too long.  Will watch for it…..

    • The_Tim

      Hi Mark,

      Sorry about that.  Busy week for me!  Unfortunately today is totally booked with other important stuff, but I'll do my best to get the post up tomorrow morning!