Does All Weird Real Estate Happen in Chicago?

A couple weeks ago, we blogged up the Best of @REConfidential, our tell-all Twitter feed that chronicles the strange and funny things our agents encounter on a daily basis. What we didn’t mention is that a vast majority of the bizarre stuff we’ve been tweeting comes straight from our Chicago agents.  What is it about Chicago that makes it a literal breeding ground for real estate oddities? Here’s what we mean:

Where did we find the moldiest basement ever? Chicago.

Think we should bother ordering a mold test for this basement?
- 9:31 AM – 11 May 12

Where did we stumble upon this sleeping man? Chicago.

Found man in the backyard during tour of a short sale listing. Verified he was alive – and snoring loudly!
- 9:10 AM – 24 Apr 12

Where did we discover this message-on-a-staircase? Chicago.

“Consider yourself a chosen one if you have been allowed to enter this basement of Treasures!” -the basement stairs
- 8:13 AM – 26 Mar 12

Whose property is this tree? Chicago’s.

Funny thing is, it’s technically city property.
- 10:29 AM – 5 Jun 12

Do your business in a jungle in the comfort of your own home, in Chicago.

Seen while touring today, it’s literally a jungle in that bathroom.
- 2:29 PM – 7 Jun 12

Vintage arcade games seem to be an emerging trend in Chicago real estate. Yes, all of these were found inside Chicago area homes:

It’s on like Donkey Kong!

“DONKEY KONG! Found in the kitchen of a 700 square foot apartment.
- 2:17 PM – 16 Mar 12

Captain Fantastic: The Brown Dirt Cowboy

Seen inside a $ million + home, Elton John’s Captain Fantastic pinball machine!
- 9:51 AM – 12 Apr 12

Mario and Luigi: Your new roommates?

Vintage video games: a new trend in home staging?
- 11:24 AM – 1 Jun 12

What’s a basement without Pac-Man?

This is pretty much the definition of the dream basement.
- 9:18 AM – 4 Jun 12
Have you spotted real estate weirdness that we haven’t found yet? Tweet at us @REConfidential, or email us at
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