Help Us Write a Home Selling Guide, Get a T-Shirt

Today, we’re officially launching the remaining sections of our Home Buying Guide. This is something we’ve been working on for a long, long time, and it feels good to get it out the door.

That’s not to say we won’t continue trying to make the guide an even better resource for home buyers; we’ll be tweaking, polishing, adding to, and editing this thing until the next ice age. If you have suggestions, comments, or questions about any of our HBG content, please leave a comment here, or on any page of the guide itself.

But we are starting to gear up for our next big guide project — the Redfin Home Seller’s Guide. We’ll be packing it full of useful information, with a heavier emphasis on interactive features, quizzes, graphics, illustrations, and other goodies.

Here’s where you come in: if you’re selling a home, what’s the stuff that keeps you up at night? What can’t you find good information about? What’s confusing? What’s frustrating? What do you wish you’d known three months ago?

Finally, if you’d like to be involved in providing customer feedback on preview versions of the guide as it’s developed, just drop a comment here and let us know. We’d love your input, and if we choose you to be in our customer feedback group, we’ll send you a free Redfin T-shirt.

  • Leisaacs

    I would like to be involved because I hope to sell a home in the future. We also sold two residences within the last 4 years right after the downturn.  We knew we were going to sell one of our vacation home one year prior to putting it on the market.  We made the mistake of taking the time fixing it up to our satisfaction thinking we could get a better price.  However, when the market was hot, we should have sold it without fixing it further, we could have gotten a better price.  Therefore, the lesson is to follow the market once you think you are going to sell a residence.
    Due to a job move, we had to sell our primary residence in 2007.  The market had turned by then and the market changed very fast.  Our realtor misread the market leading us to pricing the home higher.  If the home is in a desirable location (which ours was), it would have been better to price it very close to your minimum acceptable offer. Therefore, it is very important to keep close watch of the market yourself.  At the time, I had no idea that there were web sites with pricing information like redfin, homegain, home values,ziprealty etc. When we put our home on the market the second time around, we priced it very reasonably, just 15K above our acceptable minimum. Although we received a low ball offer, we just rejected it until the buyer came up to the minimum acceptable price.  We responded to very offer no matter how low.  If a buyer makes the rouble of offering, in this bad market, it is good to respond even if it is just a polite no without any counter offer.  We did not counter until the buyer came up to the acceptable price. Then the response was a yes.

    • BryanHowell

      Hi Leisaacs — just drop me a line at and I'll add you to the feedback group list. Thanks!