Sweetly Dig Into Redfin’s Local Stats

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I spent mine lying on the couch, mewling like a sick kitten, but that’s neither here nor there.

I was a Redfin addict before I was an employee, and sometimes I forget that there’s a lot of stuff on our site that not everybody knows about. Some of these are big things, like the fact that we’re a real live brokerage with real live agents. Others are a bit nittier and grittier, like the sheer number of different ways we try to slice and dice data to share with anyone who wants it.

Example: Our Las Vegas neighborhoods and zip codes page (or see other nearby cities). This page doesn’t get an awful lot of traffic, but it should, because it’s just obscenely useful. It basically shows you the median list price, median price per square footsale-to-list percentage, and number of homes for sale in the entire local area, broken down both by neighborhood name and by zip code.

You can also sort this information by any of the above columns; if you want to see every neighborhood sorted by sale-to-list percentage, just click on that column header and the data will re-sort.

And if you click on any of the neighborhood names or zip codes, we’ll show you another page with information specific to that area, including:

  • New homes for sale
  • Upcoming open houses
  • Price-reduced homes
  • Recently-sold homes
  • Most expensive homes
  • Least expensive homes
  • And most popular (on Redfin) homes

This neighborhood/zip code profile page also gives you trend charts and graphs that you can customize and even import to your own website or blog,  links to related forums posts, comparisons with other nearby areas, and profiles of area schools.

If you haven’t seen these pages, you should check them out. And if you’re already using them, you should drop us a line below to let us know what you think of them. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome! (Cruel, cutting remarks are not particularly welcome, but are taken with a stiff upper lip.)

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