Hallelujah, there IS a property that sold in Playa Vista!


Ok. So the joy is more about me finding that little nugget to write about than anything else, but the blue icons that tell me something has sold recently in the area are fast becoming scarce. In case you’re looking for more info on this well planned out little architectural community (suited for hip Gen X-ers and anyone else who can appreciate the all-inclusive, walking distance living and modern, high-end finishes.), look at the Villosa property below.

13031 Villosa Pl., #402A/2bd, 3bth/2,020 sq. ft./Sold $889,000

There are a few other 2-bedroom, three-bath homes now selling in the area.

5625 Crescent Park West, #114/$755,000

13044 Pacific Promenade, #421/1,810 sq. ft./$799,000

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