Marginal Moves Towards Price Reductions

Houses coming down in price in the Playa Del Rey/Playa Vista/Westchester area are a bit scarce this week. Right now, homes have seemingly gone from prices creeping slowly downward to a “dead in its tracks” halt. There are a few homeowners who decided to budge, however.


The Vista Del Mar property, which is more deluxe oceanside-living than a starter-home abode, was built for actor Ronald Colman. Who is Ronald Colman, you ask? I asked the same thing and looked up his IMDb (The Internet Movie Database) information. His roles included that of the railway official in the 1956 film “Around the World in Eighty Days” and Donald Duck’s voice after swallowing a pill in “Donald’s Dream Voice” (1948).

The Pacific Promenade property is now under the $600k mark. It was marketed even higher at $629,000 previously.

Anyhow, here are the reduced prices.

Playa Del Rey

6948 Vista Del Mar Ln./4bd,3th/From $2,450,000 to $2,399,000

Playa Vista

13200 Pacific Promenade, #315/2bd,2bth/From $619,000 to $599,000


7400 Alverstone Ave./3bd,1bth/From $729,000 to $669,000