Avril Lavigne's Bad Karma

avril.jpgFrom The Real Estalker we learn that Avril Lavigne, a.k.a. “The Spitter,”  is having trouble unloading this house in Beverly Hills Post Office.  Apparently two deals have already fallen through on the house, which has been reduced $400,000 to $5,800,000.  Could it be that Lavigne’s nasty disposition is coming back to bite her?  Come on, Avril!  Being nice isn’t all that complicated!

And just up the way, the home at 3340 Clerendon Road, which reportedly was purchased by Paris Hilton last year, is, interestingly, still showing up as an active listing on Redfin.  Did Paris back out of her sale? 

Redfin records show no homes in the immediate area sold within the last three months.  Sorry, Avril.  Please don’t spit on the messenger.