Taking Expectations Into Account

Mayor Bill Bogaard“Pasadena’s economic prospects during 2008 are at best uncertain.”

Statements like these demonstrate the city’s prognosis for the new year are in sync with what is happening on the national level. Mayor Bogaard describes this as a “period of transition and change”, in contrast to the streak of increasing annual prosperity since the turn of the decade.

Other points from the State of the City address stressed “expanding sustainability” and “increasing education, recreation and vocational opportunity for the community’s youth” as a means to improve public safety.

There were some nuggets I found fascinating on the real estate front as well. Bogaard throws out some interesting stats about development in the city:

Based on the dollar value of permits issued last year, the level of investment during fiscal year 2007 was about the same as the prior year: $220 million. Of this, about $80 million was in new residential construction and almost $50 million in rehabilitation of existing homes

And here is a surprising excerpt about the city’s concern for stylistic architectural integrity:

I have another thought in regard to concern about development. What has taken place in the last 10 years has conformed with the goals and guidelines that we as a community approved in the General Plan. It is possible that some are not so concerned about the amount of development, but about its appearance, style, and relationship to what already exists. If new construction could meet our expectations for architecture and design, there might be more acceptance.

I hope that this year we can initiate a community discussion about architectural quality and design, and build an understanding and consensus about what we as a community want to experience.