I Dunno About Dunfield Ave. In Westchester


Something’s in the air over by 7311 Dunfield Avenue – besides the LAX airplanes flying overhead. A three-bedroom, two-bath property has switched hands as of late February. The price tag? 7311 Dunfield sold for $730,000.

Now, this was no fast sale. The home first listed in late August for $798,000. The owners slashed the price in mid-October to $759,000. (Okay, so that’s only less than 5%, but we’re talking Westchester here.) It wasn’t until January, when the sellers dropped another $11,000 to $748,000 that they hooked a buyer. After going off the market on the 23rd- then back on, on the 28th -then off on the 30th, 7311 Dunfield finally sold. Why was this a case of a ping-pong listing? Maybe the buyer backed off and then the deal was on again. If you have any ideas, let me know.

Average days on the market for a home that’s north of Manchester and east of Sepulveda is currently 94. So 7311 is shall we say – “above average”, but not in a good way.

On another note, one of my “Am I Hot Or Not” properties has already come off the market after a measly 12 days. Well, almost. The listing says they’re still looking for back-up offers. This one is another Dunfield property. But case in point – they priced it right and the property does look smokin’ hot!

In case you like what you see about these homes, here are a few others in the immediate area that are selling that you can keep an eye on.

7207 El Manor Ave./3bd, 1.75 bth/$839,000

6440 Nancy St./3bd, 2bth/$849,000

7320 Ogelsby Ave./3bd, 1.75bth/$1,069,000

  • eternal summer

    wow….i lived there for about 6 years from when i was 12-18 yrs old….i cannot believe how much these asking prices are…have the tract houses suddenly become…amazing? i lived on 82nd & dunbarton…and just zillowed my old house-zestymite is $911,000….!!!!! i don’t mean to offend anyone, but i just don’t think this neighborhood is worth that much. i think the schools are awful! why is this neighborhood priced so high?

  • http://www.redfin.com Christina Chan

    This neighborhood is nothing special all on its own. Prices skyrocketed in the last 7+ years and only in the last year has it plateaued and declined. But even the drop is slow and slight compared to other areas of LA that are either not part of the Westside or centrally located. In LA, when you travel even 10-15 miles, it can take almost an hour in bad traffic. People want to be central to everything.
    Housing in general is expensive in Los Angeles. This once was one of the last affordable neighborhoods in the area. It’s very residential, yet you have restaurants, shops, and access to the airport all within driving distance.
    And in LA most of the schools are bad. To get into a good school district, you actually have to pay at least one million or perhaps 1.5 million for a house in many areas.

  • eternal summer

    thanks for at least admitting that this is crazy! not all schools are bad-i went to mira costa in manhattan beach when i lived in westchester-this was my request-not my parents.
    it just is crazy to me because i would not move my family there specifically because of the schools. my parents moved to playa del rey & the petty crime that happens around the school is off putting. i’m like, jeez mom-you live in a 1m+ neighborhood & the local schools suck! the kids who live here don’t even go to the schools!
    i agree that traffic has caused the landscape of los angeles to shift (growing up here i would ONLY drive the 405 freeway-now unless there is some kind of emergency, i don’t even go near it. sorry, i am just specifically blown away by this particular neighborhood’s pricing. Beach cities-i get. Even culver city-i get. But Westchester-no, i do not get.

  • http://www.redfin.com Christina

    I hear you. Yet there are people coming to the neighborhood still to buy the homes even at these high prices. I think that people who do end up buying here either are not at the stage where they are contemplating schools yet – or they intend to send their kids to private school.

  • http://www.edhardyworld.co.uk ed hardy

    thanks for at least admitting that this is crazy! not all schools are bad-i went to mira costa in manhattan beach when i lived in westchester-this was my request-not my parents.