Is My Home Getting Any Action?


When I first wrote a post on here about putting my home on the market, I wasn’t sure how often I’d write. I had visions of slow, dull weeks with nothing much to report. However, in the three plus weeks since I’ve put up the “For Sale” sign, there has been a steady (if not light) flow of appointments. Enough to make me feel like the home is still on real estate agent’s and buyer’s radars. So for anyone who has considered Redfin, I can tell you that getting exposure is certainly not a problem.

Here’s a rundown of who has come to see my home:

Week 1: 3 real estate appointments with clients and 1 couple without an agent

Week 2: 1 real estate agent without a client and 1 agent with a client

Week 3: 1 real estate agent with a client and 1 couple without an agent

There were a handful of agents who wanted to book an appointment (I’ve done this house-selling thing by appointment only so far), but I wasn’t available, so they scratched me off their list of houses to see for the week. I guess availability is key. And I still haven’t tested the open house theory yet by having one.

As far as fliers, they’re flying off the shelves. About 3-5 go per day and on weekends, I’ve needed about twice that. That’s one thing to keep in mind. You’ll be paying for all that ink and paper! I never realized so much traffic passed by my home.

Oh, and I got a shot at my 15 minutes of fame. I got a flier from HGTV’sSecrets That Sell“. I talked to the producer and I could be in the running for an upcoming episode if I decide to go through their interview process. Sounds like a fun proposition – one that I’ll have to think on.

  • Scott

    I am curious as to what city your home is located in?

  • Scott

    I am curious as to what neighborhood/city your home is in?

  • Christina Chan

    Well, here I was trying to be vague. It’s in Westchester.