Square Footage Deal On West 78th St.


So, I’ve been looking at which homes yield the best value for your money out in Westchester. The average home in the neighborhood is selling for $498/square foot, by the way. But a number of the homes with the lowest price per square foot didn’t necessarily seem to be a real deal.

For instance, 8957 Kittyhawk Avenue is just $370/square foot. But it is sold as-is and has been sitting on the market for over 270 days. It might be worth a look. The pictures look good. But it kind of makes you wonder – even in this market – why it hasn’t sold. Could it be that it sits right next to Westchester Parkway? Fear of airport expansion? Or maybe it’s still a wee bit overpriced? Zillow isn’t always right on, but it pegs this house at a Zestimate of $643,000. It’s listed for $699,900.

So my pick for this week is on 5601 W. 78th St. This home is a three-bedroom, one-and-three-quarter bath home. It’s going for $659,900. You get 1,456 square feet of space for $453/square foot. It’s also an REO.