The High Life: Penthouse Living

penthouse.jpgPenthouse living was the topic of the lead article in Sunday’s L.A. Times in case you missed it. It seems the international jetset (the type that shop for homes in “Paris, Rome and L.A.,” according to the piece) have discovered urban loft living. The piece highlighted a few for-sale spots, including the $4.9 million dollar Water Tower at the Biscuit Company Lofts, The Cornell at Santee Village (turn down your volume before you head to this site, unless you’re in the mood for some clubbing action at your desk) for $1.317 million, a $3.9 million dollar abode at Evo on Grand Avenue that boasts a wraparound balcony, and penthouses on the 22nd floor of the Solair building on Wilshire that go for $2-2.5 million. Some of these aren’t in the MLS listings, so the best you can do is the main website.

The penthouses at the Eastern Columbia (where Johnny Depp bought for $2.1 million) got left out of the article, but if you’re going to spend that kind of money, I’d at least check out this $1.550 million dollar spot that seems like a bargain after these other listings! And then there is this 3-level loft in the Roosevelt that has direct pool access—listed for 100 days for the very exacting price of $2,056,701. Apparently, ever dollar matters to this developer.

But for something really different downtown, check out this amazing single family residence for $2.3 million—the indoor parking arrangement is especially unusual.