The Ideal Redfin Homeseller Or Homebuyer…


I recently saw a news clip about two different types of homebuyers. One was a couple using Redfin who felt comfortable with doing a lot of the legwork on their own. Another was a gentleman who felt better going the traditional route – searching for homes with a realtor. In the clip, it says that Redfin isn’t for everyone.

I agree. Now that I’m selling my home with Redfin, I have my own version of the ideal Redfin homeseller or buyer.

The ideal Redfin homeseller/buyer is…

Web savvy – Cause let’s face it folks – unless you know how to surf the Web and navigate through Redfin’s search features, you’re going to have a hard time.

Research-oriented – You really have to have a love of digging up information – everything from comp prices to current market trends in the neighborhood will weigh in on your decision-making process and strategy.

Diligent – By this, I mean that you need to be your own taskmaster. No one (except maybe your spouse or partner) is going to motivate you to get out and check out that next open house or track sales in the area.

Open-minded - Redfin is still relatively new to the market and the idea of doing all your own research isn’t the traditional route. So for anyone who isn’t open to new ideas, Redfin won’t be a good fit.

People-savvy – The better you are at reading a prospective buyer’s (or seller’s) motivations, the better off you will be in making a decision. My favorite thing is deciphering what people really mean when they’re asking you questions.

Question: Where are you moving to?

What they mean: Just how much of a hurry are you in to move so I know if I can get a deal?

Question: Why are you moving?

What they mean: Is there something wrong with this place that I should know about?

Question: How long has it been on the market?

What they mean: Are you desperate enough to drop the price yet?