The Most Expensive Home in Silver Lake

alpine.jpgIs it a castle? A gorgeous 1920′s Spanish hacienda? How about a case study house? Nope! It’s a 1970′s “alpine lodge,” according to last Sunday’s gushing Home of the Week piece in the L.A. Times. And the asking price? A mere $2,950,000. Yep, just shy of $3 mil in Silver Lake. Clearly dreams are alive and well in the City of Angels. Granted, it’s a beautifully redone alpine lodge, as the listing photos show. I’ll even give it elegant and stunning. But it’s also the most expensive listing in the area by far. Here are the other four close contenders:

A 5/5 Spanish Colonial on Micheltorena (one of my favorite streets) for $1.9 million.

A Craftsman Cottage with 4 additional rental units on for $1.6 million.

A 4/3 1920′s Mediterranean with amazing views for $1.595 million.

And this Moreno Highlands post-and-beam for $1.850 million.

So what do you think? Is it ever wise to buy the priciest house in a neighborhood?

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  • Corntrollio

    That 4/3 Mediterranean at 3650 Crestmont with the “motivated seller” is a joke, right? They bought for $900K in Feb 2005, and listed for twice that in Jan 2008. The recent price is only because of a $200K decrease this month. It doesn’t look like they’ve done anything to justify a 78% increase (i.e. 26%/yr). I’m thinking their price might need to drop another $400K to get a knife-catcher.

  • Anita Chabria

    Hi Corntrollio – I think you’re right on the money…all of those super-premium spots seem like they might need to drop the asking price before they see many offers. The area where a couple of these houses are located – Moreno Highlands – is one of the best parts of Silver Lake, and has historically commanded the highest prices. But as prices drop in other parts of the city, you have to wonder if this is really the place to drop your multi-millions.