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I’ve been pretty hard on the National Association of Realtors in this blog, mainly because of its relentlessly upbeat messages about home-buying that can mislead consumers.  However, that doesn’t mean that all Realtors or real-estate agents are bad (although, out of the six homes I’ve bought and sold, I would recommend only two of my agents).honesty.jpg

A good agent, in addition to being hard-working, conscientious and knowledgeable, tells it like it is — a rare quality in agents, in my experience.  The best agent I ever worked with was the president of the local MLS and openly disparaged other agents for not properly serving their clients.  He was the guy the reporters called for a great quote when the housing data came out, because he put no “spin” on what he said. 

This morning I came across a blog by a Realtor in Lakewood that was so refreshingly honest, I wanted to share it with you. The blogger’s name is Dave Emerson, and he and his partner Blair Newman maintain this blog called socalrealestatenews.com.  There’s so little “sell” on it that it’s hard to tell a Realtor is writing it.

Here are some nuggets from the blog:

– On California Association of Realtors economist Leslie Appleton-Young’s consistently optimistic market forecasts: “We like Leslie & have followed her reports for years, but you have to remember who pays her salary.”

On the current housing downturn: “Greed, stupidity, and a lack of integrity got us into this mess. But we’re not talking your average, run-of-the-mill greed or stupidity. We’re talking greed and stupidity on a scale unseen since. . . the late 1920s?”

On how we could have avoided the current catastrophe:  “The agent is supposed to be a fiduciary. That means she is to put the client’s interest above her own. A little Golden Rule or fiduciary-mindedness at any step of the food chain might have kept us out of this mess.”

Dave is a solid writer; his post “How We Got Into This Mess” is one of the most cogent explanations of our current predicament I’ve read.  I hope he keeps writing.

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  • ha ha

    Is this the obligatory April Fools post? :)

  • http://socalrealestatenews.wordpress.com/ RealtorDaveE

    Thanks for your kind words, Cindy. Appreciate your encouragement.

    Guess we’d better add you to our blogroll!

    As you pointed out, there are honest agents in this business. We’re working on a post on how to find them, and we’ve already got a couple of posts up about how NOT to find them (“Top 5 Ways not to Pick a Listing Agent”)

    Part of the problem is that the good years attract hordes of new agents who are only in it for the money. In a normal market, most of them wash out in a year or two, but in good times they tend to hang around.

    BTW, anyone checking out our site today who gets into that top post (“Major Housing Breakthrough Near?”) needs to at least scan through to the end. Or you may decide we’re not as honest as Cindy thought!

  • http://losangeles.redfin.com/blog/author/cindy.allen Cindy Allen

    Hi, Realtor Dave, glad you found us. I found you completely randomly and did not contact you before I wrote, as you know, so I’m glad you heard that we wrote about you. Feel free to comment here anytime; we appreciate your insights.

  • http://socalrealestatenews.wordpress.com/ RealtorDaveE

    I’ll look forward to doing that, Cindy. Right back at you–you know where to find us.

    Speaking of finding us, you’ve got a lot of readers, and from what I’ve seen so far they’re a classier group than those on some real estate blogs.

    A lot of them visited on April 1–I hope they got to the end of that entry before they decided I was crazy.

    Today we launched a “back to the basics” series, inspired in part by your encouragement yesterday. We’re trying to focus on “basics” that seem to have been forgotten or at least ignored.

    In “So Cal’s Two Real Estate Market Cycles” we try to give our friends some basic tools to help them make their own projections about what might be coming next.

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    I liked the shadow pic of Abe Lincoln. Nice touch.

  • http://losangeles.redfin.com/blog/author/cindy.allen Cindy Allen

    Thanks, Christopher! We love clipart.com.

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    You will be successful.