Angelina Jolie's Body Double Selling Silver Lake Cottage

angie.jpgHere’s a house I had to write about for my friend Heather, who has a very unhealthy obsession with Angelina Jolie—it’s a Silver Lake bungalow that belongs to Angie’s body double, Kate Clarke. Yes, that’s right, Heather. For $724,000, you can sleep where Ms. Jolie’s almost-body has slept. Clarke, who did her body double work in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, is also in the upcoming Will Smith movie, Hancock (it’s a superhero comedy).Clearly, Ms. Clarke doesn’t have as many kids as Brangelina, ’cause they wouldn’t fit in this very snug 724 square-foot 2/1, squeezed on a 4,520-square-foot lot (Making it $724 a square foot!). It looks like she purchased it in December 2004 for $425,000. Angelus is a cute street though, with sidewalks on part and lots of big trees, and close to trendy Silver Lake shopping.But at that price per square foot, it’s going to take a big fan to pony up the bucks. I’ve written about this place for sale nearby, which has dropped to $889,000 and is really a nicely maintained and cute home, with a separate office out back. Also on Angelus is this 2,194 square-foot 3/2 for $899,000—it’s been on the market more than 90 days. And this 3/1 with just over 1,300 square feet just sold a few months ago for $789,000—so price wise, Ms. Clarke’s place may be a bit on the high side.

  • steve

    i think kate’s house has great views though… if you go to the webiste you can see pics:

    great views in LA up the price anywhere from $70 – $100k…

  • Anita

    The views do look great – as does the patio itself. But I’m not sure I can agree that a view will boost the price that much. In this market, I’m really seeing buyers refuse to overlook any kind of defect, regardless of the house’s good points. There is just so much inventory and so many people willing to bargain. And at 724 square-feet, you need the view so you don’t feel trapped in a box!

  • steve

    I’m a huge fan of Angelina’s and dabble in real estate here in Washington (I’ve purchased 8 homes to rehab and resell over the last 10 or so years).

    I don’t fully know the LA market so I had my assistant dig up some more info. The 3/1 with 1,300 sq ft house you mention on Angelus was originally on for $850k but turns out it needed a whole new foundation which is why it only sold for $789k two months ago – but it does have views.

    And she also found a 2/1 on Angelus with 680 sq ft – no views, that sold for $689k.

    And can you tell me more about the 3/2, no views, also on Angelus that sold for $950k? What was the sq ft? It sold last month too.

    I’d have to visit these houses to really do a comparison, but several co-workers have joked they’d pay $200k for Ms. Clarke’s bed.

  • steve

    btw – I found the one that sold for $950 on Angelus. Says it’s a 2/1 – here’s the link: