Prospect Ready for Close-Up

camera.jpgProspect Avenue in the Franklin Hills is best known for Prospect Studios at the corner of Talmadge, where shows like Grey’s Anatomy are filmed. But despite its Hollywood connections, the street, like all of the aging avenues in Franklin Hills, was cracked, potholed and generally neglected. So it was with great suprise that residents were informed that the street was being repaved—and even more stunned when the work crews hit this week and laid the new aspalt. Now, a new street may not sound that exiciting to say, a resident of the Palisades. But over here on the eastside, it’s the little things that make our day.

Maybe the glamorous new pavement will help buyers imagine themselves in one of these places:

  • This 2/1.75 with 1,192 square feet is a cute house with a nice view. I’ve heard it’s broker-owned, but I don’t know for sure. What I do know is that it has been on the market for 95 days, and the price, currently $869,000, has dropped $100,000.
  • Right at the top of Prospect, just a few feet past where the new aspalt ends, is this mid-century modern. It has been on the market 69 days, and is currently listed at $897,500, down from $939,000. The last sale was for $875,000 in 2005, so it’s getting close the to no-profit zone.
  • And this one on Clayton (around the corner) I just have to list for two reasons 1) One of the listing photos is a street shot that will give you an idea of why a new road is so exciting around here, and 2) it wins my all-time award for most depressing listing photos. I can say this because it is a bank repo, and any reasonable person who looks at the photos will have to agree….I mean honestly, I have nightmares about that bathroom.