Burning Down Your House?

fire.jpgThe latest wildfire in Sierra Madre caused me more than average concern – I have a cabin in the Angeles National Forest that was one ridge away from becoming ash. Luckily, firefighters got the blaze under control pretty quickly (although 400 homes were evacuated, sending residents to shelters), but in SoCal, the fire danger is no joke, even if you live in a very urban area. Take last year’s Griffith Park blaze, which came within a few hundred yards of eating up the gorgeous homes that border the park near the 5 freeway (For those of you interested, here’s a YouTube link to a local artist who did a series on what the fire did to the park). So before you buy that it’s-a-steal canyon house, check out these interactive fire maps from Property Shark – they detail fire danger zones and the history of fires in the Los Angeles area. You can just type in your address – or prospective address – and see how likely it is that a fire is in your future.

  • http://losangeles.redfin.com/blog/author/christina.chan Christina Chan

    Glad to hear your cabin is safe, Anita! : )

  • anita

    thanks, Christina! me too!