Homes You Can Get For Under $600K In Westchester


Today, I checked out the stats on Westchester single-family homes. The average sale price is currently at $719,000. The average price per square foot is $465. There are also plenty more homes under the $600k mark if that’s what you’re looking for. They are all east of Sepulveda. Take a look.

For Sale By Owner: 5820 Compass Drive/3bd, 1bth/1,506 square feet/$569,000

New On The Market: 8119 Grimsby Ave./2bd, 1bth/781 square feet/$575,000

Square Footage Bang For The Buck: 8329 Winsford Ave./2bd, 2bth/1,524 square feet/$599,000

The home on Grimsby Avenue is a looker, from the appearance of the singular exterior photo. But the price per square foot (and there’s not a lot of square footage to be had) is painfully high ($736) – especially in this neighborhood. Maybe it’ll drop down in the next few months to something more reasonable.