Two Price Drops And Two Offers Later…


I’m still selling my home. This is starting to feel like an awful version of a “Never Ever Ending Story”.

For those of you who don’t know, my home has been on the market since February. At the time, I fully expected to sell my house in about three months. Well, alas, I’ve gotten some nibbles but no bites.

Here’s a summary of what has been going on so far.

In the last two weeks, I actually had a multiple bid situation soon after the first price drop. But, one was a lowballer (in my opinion). And the second bid came awfully close to making a deal. But there was one little glitch. The agent promised (verbally) to make good on a higher offer to my agent by phone. And then he wasn’t able to make good on his word.

Well, I called the deal off, but they still wanted to wrestle with the numbers. Or at least make it seem like they would. They offered another deal “over the phone”. This time, it was slightly less than the previous offer. The agent claimed all kinds of reasons on why he couldn’t make good on his previous offer. The interest rates have gone up. The clients are being difficult. At this point, I just balked. If you can’t make good on your verbal offer the first time, what makes me believe you could make good on your offer a second time?

My message? Show it in writing and the offer may be considered. Apparently, a written offer isn’t happening anytime soon. And quite frankly, I’m relieved.

So now, I’ve dropped the price a second time and the calls for showings are once again coming in. Thank goodness! (Note to self: Don’t ever drop incrementally. Drop it down to the next price point so that you show up in more client/realtor searches.)

And now, I’m hopeful that soon, I will be selling my home!