I'm Finally Off The Market – Maybe


Well, here I am sitting outside my home while they (the buyers) are having an inspection done of the house. Yep. I finally got an offer that I accepted on the sale of my home.

I debated a bit on whether or not I’d do this post yet because escrow has just opened and I don’t want to jinx anything. It’s not a done deal until the contingency has passed, the escrow has closed, and title has changed hands. But I have to say right now, I am feeling major relief. It feels like it’s been a long road.

Remember the agent who tried to negotiate a verbal offer and then couldn’t come through? Well, after I lowered my selling price, they did come back and offer a bit more. After taking in several more appointments to show my home, I felt that they really did have the best offer that I was likely going to get. So, five months later, I think my home is sold.

As I’m finishing this post, the buyer’s agent just came up to me and told me the inspection went well overall. So far so good. My fingers are crossed for a smooth closing.

(By the way, that’s the cozy backyard that I hope the new owners will be enjoying soon.)

  • eternal summer

    good for you!

    did you find a place yet?

  • Tim Hebb

    Congratulations, Christina!

    Readers would love for you to share just a little about the sale process and finances (you do write a housing blog…)

    Such as … the percentage discount from your original asking price …


  • http://www.redfin.com Christina Chan

    Hi Eternal Summer-

    Thanks so much! I’m really waiting until I’m sure it’s a done deal and then it will be a mad rush to find my next residence. : )

  • http://www.redfin.com Christina Chan

    Hi Tim!

    Well, that’s just part of the suspense! : )

    Yes, I was planning on sharing a bit more about the actual offer and other details. However, I’m waiting for the contingency period to pass and that will be in a future post.

    I will update again.

  • RED

    Congrats! I guess the “no more open houses” stance worked out? looking forward to the post-game analysis.

    You know, I hope your buyers don’t read these blogs. Seems like every other entry is trying to make the case that buying a house right now is the dumbest thing in the world. Which seems weird for a blog connected to a business selling houses, like they are trying to discourage what few customers they may have.


  • http://www.redfin.com Christina Chan

    Thanks Red. No, I never had an open house and the home still sold.

    Yeah, I agree. There are a lot of blog posts on here about not buying homes. I think I may have been one of the few to post otherwise – or at least the point of view that if now isn’t a good time, sometime in the near future might be.

    But we post our honest opinions on this blog – not what would dictate sales.

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  • Kim

    Why did you sell?

  • http://losangeles.redfin.com/blog/category/marina_del_rey_playa_del_rey_westchester Christina Chan


    Now there’s an interesting question. I’ll be posting more details about the sale in an upcoming post or two.