Pasadena Real Estate Update and Tips for Buyers

Ah, Pasadena: Early evenings at the Paseo, the Rose Bowl, and data-hungry home-buyers.

Redfin and Pasadena Real Estate

Last night Redfin had our first Red Carpet Event at the Westin Pasadena. Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman presented about home prices and the state of foreclosures around Pasadena, as well as tips for touring, negotiating, and generally being a savvy home-buyer. Following a host of buyer questions, people broke into little groups eating tasty snacks and talking local real estate. For those of you who missed it, the slides are here.

On the forums, folks were asking for a class outside of Pasadena. We’ll look at doing one downtown or West LA soon. Next Wednesday, there’s a class in Huntington Beach, and then on July 30th in Carlsbad. You can find the schedule and RSVP on our site.

Until then, here’s some data on Pasadena real estate to tide you over:

Pasadena Houses Sold From April 15 to July 15, 2008

Note: One $2m + transaction in Pasadena NW skewed the average price in that area high.

Area # Deals Final v. List Average Price
Glendale-Chevy Chase/E. Glen Oaks houses 6 99.4% $635,333
Glendale-Northwest houses 10 100.9% $529,290
Glendale-South of 134 Fwy houses 5 93.4% $529,500
La Crescenta/Glendale/Montrose & Annex houses 4 96.3% $520,750
Pasadena NE houses 4 96.9% $510,225
Pasadena NW houses 3 97.9% $1,081,667
Pasadena SW and SE houses 7 91.3% $867,000
Rossmoyne & Verdugo Woodlands houses 6 96.2% $871,000

Pasadena Condos Sold from April 15 to July 15, 2008

Area # Deals Final v. List Average Price
Glendale-Northwest condos 12 92.0% $341,908
Glendale-South of 134 Fwy condos 9 108.9% $399,011
Pasadena condos 8 97.4% $504,750

Photo credit: rappensuncle’s on Flickr.

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  • Patrick

    You need confidence intervals or standard deviations on these numbers to say whether they’re statistically significant. Without that there’s no way to tell whether 94.4% is a statistically significant difference from 94.1%. It might as well be 94.004% vs 94.001% – maybe significant, but there’s no way to know without the CIs.
    Also I won’t mention correlation vs causation because I hope most people know the difference; and correlations can still be interesting (if they are statistically significant correlations).

  • Pat

    I have always preferred listing on a Thursday. Many agents make their weekend appointments on Friday so that would ensure my listing would be availabe for consideration. 

    • Thedallesrealty

      hey pat, i agree… in our market you hare setting up your weekend appts on thursday so it needs to be there to get toured!

  • Paul Reddam

    Interesting. I’ve been listing on Wednesdays for years for various reasons of my own. Thanks for sharing your analysis – maybe I’ll adjust.

  • Aaron Fyke

    This is why I love this blog! – Data

  • Mike

    I’ll bet you have stats on palm reading and “what is your sign” too.

    I am not sure if the info means anything.

    BEST DAY TO LIST?  The first day the seller will put the pen in his/her hand and press hard.