Angelino Heights: Beauty in the Beastly Neighborhood

victorian.jpgThe LA Times home of the week is an Angelino Heights Victorian that has been completely redone—and has an asking price of $1.576 million. Here’s the Redfin listing for it. It’s been on the market for 71 days, and it really is a fantastic house—complete with a “carriage house” out back that is used as a rental. The LA Times piece talks about the area’s history a bit:

The Heights, a stone’s throw from Dodger Stadium, was the Beverly Hills of the late 19th century, the area for Los Angeles’ upper-middle-class socialites who earned their living in businesses such as dairy farming and warehouse construction.

Of course, not so many socialites in the area today, which is what makes a house like this a hard sell. Without a doubt, it is a really beautiful home, but it is in a marginal area and clearly one of the best homes around. You need a buyer who loves the architecture enough to overlook the location—which is a very particular buyer. But as the current owner says in the Times piece:

“I knew when I first stood on the porch of this house that I was going to buy it,” said (owner Kim) Dane, a photographer and artist who uses the conservatory as her studio. “The high ceilings and tall windows and the design itself are perfect for showcasing my art to clients.”

Here’s another nearby Angelino Heights listing: A 6/2.75 that is on the market for the first time in 78 years. It’s been listed for 326 days at $995,000. And here’s one of the historic homes that looks like it was foreclosed on in March (based on the odd sale price of $1, 211, 500). It’s listed as 11 bedrooms and 7 baths! It had last sold in 2006 for about $1.4 million. But just to highlight that there are buyers for these aging beauties, here’s one that sold in March for $1.1 million. Again, 11 bedrooms.