LAX Neighborhood Sales Pages Are Here: Whoo Hoo!


I’m excited. Redfin recently launched yet another fun-filled, informative feature – their neighborhood pages. You’ll find everything from the median prices of homes in the area to stats that tell you whether or not you should wait for another price reduction when you buy a home. You can also check out stuff like what the climate is like and map out the local schools.

Let’s take a little look-see at the LAX area, for starters. If you punch in 90045 (Westchester) and click the “View inventory and pricing trends”, you’ll find a graph that shows that the list cost per square foot and selling cost per square foot are getting pretty close. Once upon a time, the gap was far apart. Perhaps it’s a sign the prices for Westchester are leveling out?

Now, let’s try the 90293 zip code (Playa del Rey). Here, you’ll find a graph showing a wide disparity between the cost per square foot of sold homes and listed homes. Perhaps sellers in this little community by the beach should do a reality check.

And finally, let’s look at Playa Vista90094. Survey says that although there appeared to be about a $100 per square foot disparity between the listed and sold cost per square foot back in April of 08, there is now very little discrepancy between the two.

And with that, I’m leaving the LAX area blog. Sniff, sniff. Look for coverage from me in Woodland Hills (my new neighborhood) and the surrounding areas. Hope you’ll stop by and read my posts!