How's The Air Quality In Your Neighborhood?


When I first moved to Southern California about 15 years ago, I had some issues with the air quality. I lived in downtown Los Angeles and was literally coughing and hacking for the first few nights because the polluted air did not agree with my respiratory system. (I used to live in the Bay Area).

Just having moved to the West Valley, I was curious about how the air quality was in my neck of the woods. Have you ever wondered how the air quality was in the neighborhood you’re living in or thinking about moving to? There’s an agency called the South Coast Air Quality Management District. They cover all of Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Bernardino County. Their mission, says the site, is to “protect public health from air pollution.”

You can go to the site and find out exactly how good the air is or isn’t in your neighborhood. I’ll give you today’s snapshot of the Valley for starters. (The lower the AQI or Air Quality Index, the better.)

West Valley – Air Quality Index 13/Good Air Quality Conditions

East San Fernando Valley - Air Quality Index 113/Unhealthy For Sensitive Groups

And now, here are my real estate picks for Woodland Hills this week.

Reduced: 6145 Fallbrook Ave./3bd, 2bth/1,377 sq. ft./$565,000 to $495,000

Bang For The Buck: 5216 Sale Ave./4bd,4bth/$180 a square foot/3,666 square feet/$659,900

New On The Market: 23117 Hatteras St./4bd,3bth/3,322 sq. ft./$1,750,000

  • cari

    How can you talk about Woodland Hills Real Estate and not mention the 335K REO on Sylvan? That house has attracted so much attention!

  • Christina Chan

    Hi Cari-

    Thanks so much for your comment. There are lots of properties I can cover and they encompass not only Woodland Hills, but the entire Valley. It’s impossible for me to get to everything.

    Readers are free to share information in the comments that they feel is newsworthy.

  • pluto

    do u know how spread is east valley or west? how can they say that all the area is healthy or not ?

  • Christina Chan


    You can input a specific address if you want to see what the air quality is. Give it a try.