Stepping Up (and Up) In West Hollywood

This weekend I visited this listing at 1029 N. Vista Ave., Unit 101, in West Hollywood.  Here’s the exterior:


There are five units, all brand-new. Unit 101 is a two-bedroom, three-bath with 2,000 square feet.  The agent, Ron Goldhammer, says he has three offers pending on two units. He also points out that the townhomes are the lowest price per square foot in West Hollywood (this one is priced at $869,000, or $434/foot).

More pics:




How can the builder offer so much square footage for the price?  By stacking it.  There are not three, not four, but FIVE levels in this townhome — the top level is an unfinished rooftop deck, reached via a finished indoor staircase. So if you’re not fit when you move in, you will be before long. 

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