They're Still Flipping In West Hills


I was talking to a local real estate agent out here and was quite surprised to learn that they’re still flipping properties in this market. Take this property on 23340 Bassett St. in West Hills. It has 1,670 square feet of space and is going for $359 a square foot. It’s relatively new on the market. This three-bedroom, two-bathroom home has upgrades like granite countertops, recessed lighting and stone flooring. The owner, I’m told, is a broker and her husband is a contractor.

The husband and wife pair flip on a regular basis in the area and though their margin may be more modest, they do make a decent profit. I suppose they don’t have to worry about the cost of commissions and some of the remodel overhead, so that’s how they can still turn a profit.

Got any stories to share about a flipped property in this neighborhood or any other? I’d love to hear it.

For this Monday, I’ll leave you with a few of my picks in the Valley.

Reduced In Woodland Hills: 21901 Dumetz Rd./3bd, 2bth/$545,000 to $525,000

New Construction Fresh On The Market In Tarzana: 4411 Angostura Pl./4bd, 2bth/$879,000

Bang For The Buck In Calabasas: 3948 Black Bird Way/4bd, 6bth/$244 a square foot (average sold: $366 a square foot)/$939,900

  • Kent

    Excellent analysis! Please keep these coming!!

  • Christina Chan

    Thanks for the comment, Kent. I’ll do my best to post these as I hear more.

  • LL2

    Fabulous find! I’ve seen this agent’s flippers and they are certainly very nice. And I was told, they go over asking and for cash! (One I wanted to see a while back had many offers on it, and we never got to check it out.)

  • Christina Chan

    Thanks for the comment LL2. I’d love to check back on this one and see what it goes for.