Struggling To Keep The Lifestyle In Granada Hills


When all is said and done, how does your monthly budget look? Do you have money left over to save or are you living beyond your means every month?

I’ve been keeping track of what I spend money on and it’s a real eye-opener to see where all the cash goes. I use the Monthly Home Budget chart that’s part of my Microsoft Office programs. But I’m sure there are plenty of other software choices out there that can help keep track of monthly spending habits.

One family in Granada Hills spends beyond their means every month. Kim Shekerlian and Stan Monterrosa have a combined take-home pay of $4,600. Their mortgage is $1,850. And judging by their budget list, they really don’t spend extravagantly.

Click the chart below and take a look at how they spend their money.


The couple’s story comes out of an article from the Daily News.

Just for kicks, I thought I’d check out what types of homes you could afford in Granada Hills for the same mortgage that Kim and Stan are paying. I’m assuming 20% down ($75,000) on a $375,000 house with a 6.25% interest rate for a monthly payment of $1,847 and some odd change.

15946 Lahey St./4bd, 2bth/1,383 sq. ft./$345,000

11219 Gaynor Ave./4bd, 2bth/1,399 sq. ft./$369,950

11130 Whitman Ave./3bd, 2bth/1,537 sq. ft./$390,000

By the way, the above listed homes are all part of best-ranked elementary school in the area (according to – Danube Avenue Elementary School.

  • carlivar

    Try to find jobs closer to where they live, stop eating out, spend less on clothes. Fixed!

  • Christina Chan

    Thanks for your comment, Carlivar. Eating out and new clothing expenses can really add up!

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  • Josh

    This kind of reminds me of the Jerry McGuire part where he said there should be more of a focus on the athlete (buyer). Make it more personal and instead of using the money for lead generation, like you said, use it for existing customers. I like it. Thanks for posting.

  • Iris

    i agree to the fact that customer choice comes first and then the rest. as customers are the end users, so we need to give their choice first priority.