The Best Los Angeles Real Estate Blogs

We were checking out Los Angeles real estate blogs and here’s my list of what I think are the best.

Top LA Real Estate Blogs

  • Curbed LA, “From the studio lots to the downtown lofts. From the beachfront bungalows to the canyon views…”
  • L.A. Land by the LA Times, “The rapidly changing landscape of the Los Angeles real estate market and beyond”
  • the Real Estalker, “For better or worse, we are a culture obsessed with celebrity and celebrity lifestyle.”
  • Apartment Therapy, for once you’ve found a place :)

Top SoCal Blogs

Regional Real Estate Blogs

Good Regional Blogs of varying size

Good Agent Blogs

Yes, we’re linking to the competition…

Your Turn

It’s always dangerous writing these kind of posts when you don’t live in the area. So, which blogs do you follow to stay on top of the LA real estate scene? :)

Thanks to some of our forums posters for helping out.